XP: How to Win the ChassisSim Race Engineering Competition

Revealing the secrets behind our success in the 2021 ChassisSim competition

Posted by Roger on December 27, 2021

I usually try to not cross-post content across our sites. But a friend and fellow racecar tuning enthusiast suggested that our more technically-savvy readers might enjoy reading this particular race report.

It's the story of our recent experience with ChassisSim, a professional-grade racecar simulation software designed to let you test setup changes to your racecar or track car from your home PC. We had the opportunity to try it out in a worldwide racecar setup contest and ended up beating a number of pro racing teams to score a top-5 overall finish.

We go into the details of how we approach racecar setup, the tools that we used for the contest, and how we broke through the setup-related roadblocks that stood between us and the podium. I'm hoping that it helps give you an insight into how we set up racecars, and encourage some of you to try some of the tools and methods that we employed.

Click the link or the preview image below to read the story:

>> How to Win the ChassisSim Race Engineering Competition (on StudioVRM.Racing) <<

Enjoy. And see you at the track.



Disclosure section:

Roger Maeda and StudioVRM are not affiliated with or supported by ChassisSim Technologies or by any of their partners or vendors. All entry fees and expenses were paid at full price out of the team budget, which currently comes out of Roger's own pocket.

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